Coming soon in March 2024!

Join the sassiest revolution!
Ever wondered what it takes to be a bona fide Sassypants? Well, look no further! This book is your backstage pass to bossing up your life in the sassiest way possible.

Say goodbye to vague wishes and hello to audacious aspirations. We’re talking about goal-setting that makes your wildest dreams quiver with excitement. Get ready to take charge with style!

Kiss self-doubt goodbye and welcome self-confidence with open arms. Discover how to become the ultimate head-turner, all while embracing your uniqueness and loving yourself. Sassypants, meet the mirror, and love what you see!

Being a modern-day superheroine isn’t easy, but you can totally handle it. Learn the fine art of balancing family life while championing feminism. Juggling acts, sassy style.

Dream big and don’t apologize for it! “Sassypants” is your secret weapon to empire-building. Dive into the world of entrepreneurship and leadership, all while rocking your crown.

So, are you ready to unleash your inner boss, Sassypants-style? Get ready to rewrite the rulebook, flip the script, and conquer life with a wink and a strut. Tamsin Haley takes you through how she has navigated a number of scenarios in her life, which you will be able to learn from and use this guide to sass, success, and taking life by the horns!

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